Video Tutorials-Grant Seeking & Writing

Finding Funding: An Expert Path to Grant Seeking

This video discusses how to identify different types of funders and ways to approach them and determine what grantmakers are seeking.

How to Write a Good Proposal

Montgomery County, Department of General Services, Office of Business Relations and Compliance vendor outreach event on March 15, 2012 — “How to write a good proposal”.  Two speakers are Ms. Pam Jones, Chief of Office of Procurement and Ms Jackie Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe Proposals.


Writing Winning Grants and Proposals


Grantwriting for Artists: Perfecting Your Proposal

How can you channel your creative energies into a search for funding?  This special workshop for individual artists is centered on crafting compelling, persuasive grant proposals for creative projects. Discover how to research funding, decode application questions, and focus artistic career goals during the grant writing process. In this session, based on Gigi Rosenberg’s book, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing, Gigi discusses how to enlist colleagues and friends to help write a successful proposal, get organized, persuade the right funders, and emulate the attitudes of successful grant recipients.


Meet the Grantmakers: Funding for Individual Artists

Insights from local grantmakers into the individual artist funding process. Courtesy of the Foundation Center.

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