Education Podcasts

Philanthropy Chat: Jamie Merisotis Discusses Lumina Foundation’s Investments in Higher Education

June 1, 2009

Jamie P. Merisotis, president and CEO of the Lumina Foundation for Education, discusses the foundation’s strategic, outcomes-based approach to expanding college access and success, particularly among low-income, minority, and other under-represented populations.

(19 minutes, 26 seconds; 8MB)

Philanthropy Chat: Bruno Manno Discusses Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Investments in Education

May 21, 2009

Bruno Manno, Ph.D., senior associate at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, discusses the key role that schools play in advancing the foundation’s efforts to improve outcomes for families and children.

(15 minutes, 40 seconds; 7MB)

Philanthropy Chat: How Donors Can Support Students’ Educational Funding

May 21, 2009

Jonathan Bydlak, executive director of, discusses a new vehicle for scholarship awards tied closely to the varied interests of its donors.

(19 minutes, 20 seconds; 8MB)

Philanthropy Chat: John Beahm Discusses Support for Student Humanitarian Work

May 13, 2009

John Beahm, executive director of the Jenzabar Foundation, discusses the foundation’s investments in education aimed at fostering a culture of service and educating and inspiring future generations to create a better world.

(16 minutes, 03 seconds; 7MB)

Philanthropy Chat: Eva Blum Discusses PNC Bank’s Support for Early Childhood Education

May 7, 2009

Eva Blum, senior vice president and director of community affairs at PNC Bank and chair of the PNC Foundation, discusses the PNC Grow Up Great program, a ten-year, $100 million dollar investment in early childhood education.

(13 min., 41 sec.; 6MB)

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