About Creative Strategies

History & Mission

The Creative Strategies’ blog was created to empower, educate, and support  individuals,  nonprofits,  and social enterprises by providing collective resources and informative articles with the vision of  enhancing and changing the communities in which we live , work, and serve  in.  This blog serves as a clearinghouse of collective information from professionals in the social and business sectors from around the globe, including myself of course!

About Me

My name is Aaliyah S. Ogletree and I  am a native of New Orleans and I have more than a decade of experience working in diverse areas within the nonprofit and business sectors. I  work as an Independent Contractor skilled in consulting and in creating innovative and winning  strategies for individuals, nonprofits,  and social enterprises.

My purpose in doing what I do is driven by the need to shape and transform communities by bringing ideas and events to fruition with the goal of creating a more sustainable, safe, and vibrant world in which we all live in.

I am dedicated to ensuring transparency, promoting creativity, protecting innovation, and in enhancing the quality of life in our society by supporting  and assisting the clients that I serve. I offer affordable consulting services, technical support, and resources  in order to leverage  financial equity and opportunities, thus allowing people and organizations  to successfully execute their vision and objectives regardless  of any obstacles. I believe that opportunities should be available to everyone and not to just a privileged few.

“Be Courageous & Brave, As These Are The Attributes One Must Have In Order To Tread The Dark Waters of Innovation & Unconventionality.”-Me, Aaliyah S. Ogletree-

2 thoughts on “About Creative Strategies

  1. Thank you so much for this information. I have been looking for funding sources to help support a community in the highlands of Guatemala. The Civil Association APRODEFI located in Xix, El Quiche, founded the School for New Mayas (Centro de Formation Nuevos Mayas) which still needs some outside help for operating and living expenses for rural students. Members have bought a finca and have many projects, which they intend will allow them, in three or four years, to fund the school themselves. Until then, help is needed. I look forward to perusing your list.–Mary Lois Sennewald

  2. Thank you for this resource I havent fully reviewed it yet but looks like a great repository of some excellent links and learning tools. I am a Community Development Supervisor in Toronto,Canada and accessing funds – especially sustainable funds – for proven community needs and models is very difficult in this world of one year project funding. Also securing funds for advocacy or public education/ community mobliizing, civic engagement is very diffcult in Canada. – Ann Fitzpatrick

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