The Symbolic Nature & Psychology of Colors in Business….

I believe there is a reason for everything including colors. I also believe that there should be a strategy for everything as well. I will briefly explore what colors mean to your business and how you can utilize colors to convey what your business stands for, your branding, and the ability to persuade potential clients and customers. For more in-depth information about this topic, websites are provided after this post. Enjoy. Learn. Give Back!

Black symbolically is often associated with death, but that’s a little morose and negative, isn’t it? The positive symbolic nature also represents the unknown, the infinite, and strength. To that end, using the color black in business on a psychological level denotes power, boldness, stealth, mystery, confidence, success, and elegance. If you pick this color, think carefully as to what you are trying to convey because everyone won’t always see the positive attributes of this color.

Silver is symbolic of money, specifically coins, thus synonymous with wealth. Astronomically, it is associated with the planet Mercury i.e. quick silver and associated with communication and technology. In myths, it represents the moon, intuition, and feminine energy. Psychologically, it triggers imagery of prestige, luxury, sleekness, and innovation. In essence, I can describe it in three words- Cool.Calm.Collected.

Red is symbolic of blood and passion. Astronomically, it is associated with the planet Mars a planet  known in ancient myths for its warrior spirit. Psychologically, using the color in business conveys vitality, boldness, fiery energy, Joie de vivre, if you will. It resonates with a call for action. That’s right, it’s about doing something. It is an attention grabber. What are you going to do? What do you want to do? What are you trying to communicate in your business and branding? Think about that.

Yellow symbolically is light, bright, energy, regeneration. Astronomically, it is associated with the Sun-the life giver of the earth. Psychologically, it is thought to be the happiest color in the color spectrum and it triggers joy, optimism, creativity, and openness.

Purple represents royalty and steadfastness. Psychologically, to use this color in business it signifies loyalty, confidence, pride, extravagance, prosperity, affluence, fantasy, intuition, and security. It is used mostly in creative, fashion, and cosmetic fields.

Indigo symbolically is intuitive, mysterious, and alluring. It is often associated with rainbows, which is all the colors of the universe. In one word, it is Cosmic. Psychologically, it triggers curiosity, optimism, creativity, idealism, and magnetism. It conveys sincerity and integrity in the business that you do.

Gold like silver represents coins, thus richness. It also symbolizes empires and perseverance. To use this color in business conveys victory, fortitude, courage, opulence, prestige, legacies, elegance, and success.

Green symbolizes nature, money, good luck, and growth. Psychologically, it expresses in business money, freshness, vitality, production, expansion, health, calmness, renewal, and dependability.

Pink symbolizes fun, playfulness, and feminine energy. Psychologically, it is associated with love, nurturing, and romance. This is also normally used for the female market and in creative markets.

Blue symbolically is associated with water, coolness, tranquility, and cleansing. Astronomically it is associated with the planets Neptune and Earth. Psychologically, in business it conveys formality, loyalty, trust, and reliability as it gives consumers a calming and trusting effect. This color is used mainly in industries such as banking, insurance, collegiate institutions, and hospitals.

Orange represents warmness, natural energy, happiness, and joy.  Psychologically, it is warm, inviting, engaging, and creative to the consumer. This color is recommended for hospitality, the healing arts, retail, and creative sectors.

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