Great Grant Prospect (Intl in Scope)-The International Foundation

Due to emerging funding trends and requests, I will start to increase the amount of information focused on international funding. To that end, I will start with an organization based in the U.S. which supports projects that are international in scope. Unfortunately, in order to qualify for a grant from The International Foundation your organization must be based in the U.S., but don’t fret as I am compiling information that is more broadly based internationally, which  I will post soon!  Learn.Grow.Share.Give Back!

Mission-The International Foundation has supported world-wide development since its founding in 1948. The Foundation recognizes the importance of emerging economies and the developmental challenges they face. We support projects that promote sustainable development in agriculture, education, health, social development and the environment.

We do not fund programs within the United States nor do we set geographical boundaries in international grant making. Our objective is to seek geographical and sector balance in the programs that we support.

Grant Program: Guidelines

The International Foundation is primarily interested in supporting projects with the following attributes:

  • Based on a plausible needs assessment
  • Addresses root causes with specifically defined goals
  • Applies demonstrable best practices components to project design
  • Conducted by technically and professionally qualified individuals
  • The organization has a verifiable record of achievement
  • Designed to build capacity and to enable individuals and their communities to grow toward self-sufficiency
  • Demonstrates tangible results through project evaluation
  • Attracts broad-based funding to ensure that future success is not dependent on International Foundation funding


The International Foundation does not support:

  • Overseas adoption
  • Activities to propagate a religious faith or restricted to one religion
  • Indirect or administrative costs
  • Capital Improvements
  • Large construction projects
  • Purchase of capital equipment
  • Projects primarily funded by the United States Government
  • Emergency or disaster aid
  • Service delivery programs
  • Grants to individuals
  • Conferences
  • Loans
  • Organizations not headquartered in the United states

Grant Range- Grants range from $5000 to $15,000 and are made on a one-year basis.

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