The Mystery of Getting Your Donation Page Advertised on the Apple iTunes Store

So…I was browsing apps and found out that the Apple iTunes Store is now accepting donations for the City of Hope Medical Center. The wheels started turning in my head wondering why this particular organization(I am not saying that the organization and cause isn’t worthy, I just want to know how it came to be) and how can other organizations have the same opportunity, I mean it isn’t out the realm of possibility right?

Well, I conducted research and found an article written by Richard Padillia( which basically gave a run down of how the donation will work and past organizations that have been helped by Apple. It seems that the past recipients needed major disaster relief, but not the City of Hope Medical Center…So, alas there is hope. The only thing to figure out is how, which of course Apple is not saying. What I did find as it relates to charitable advertising was the Apple iTunes regulations for apps which was the following:

• 21.1-Apps that include the ability to make donations to recognized charitable organizations must be free
• 21.2-The collection of charitable donations must be done via a web site in Safari or an SMS

This leads me to the conclusion that your organization will have to create an app for donations, advertise it on iTunes, and apply the same cultivation and solicitation with Apple management, which could be well worth the investment. Also, in the meantime use many of the fundraising mobile apps to maximize your fundraising programs. So what do you think? Please give me your feedback and enlighten me!

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