Film, Fundraising, and Social Change

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I know its been awhile, but better late then never. Listed below is infomation that will take you to a podcast that you can listen to at work or anywhere. In this discussion, a filmmaker and a grantmaker help to demystify the various funding options available for grantseekers in film. Enjoy. Learn. Grow. Give Back. Until Next Time.

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Film, Fundraising, and Social Change

New York, NY
October 8, 2009

Alice ElliottEmily Verellen

This program is presented in its entirety, but you can select a segment by advancing your audio player to the corresponding start time.

03:11 Alice Elliott, film director, writer, producer and actress, founded Welcome Change, and she discusses the work of the organization. Alice directed the new documentary Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy for PBS.

08:46 Emily Verellen, Fledgling Fund, elaborates on why this grantmaker funds media, the application process, and the types of projects that are successful in getting their grants.

15:54 A general discussion about how filmmakers can best approach funders in order to foster creative partnerships.

40:00 Advice for getting support from four types of funders: individual donors, government funding, private foundations, and corporate donors. The speakers give details about the role that fiscal sponsors can play in facilitating the search
for funding.

1:05:08 Q & A

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