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Fellowships for the Humanities!(Art, Art History, Literary, Journalism, Visual Arts, & etc.)

Well, hello everyone! Listed below are a bounty of humanities’ fellowships that are available. So, please take the time to discover your hidden talents, explore, learn, and reach beyond your goals. Have Fun.Enjoy.Give Back!

Detailed Information Listed Below:

Alden B. Dow Creativity Fellowship Program

Northwood University, Midland, MI

Deadline: Late December (see website for this years deadline)

Undergrad/post grad

Now entering its 24th year, The Alden B. Dow Creativity Center offers four fellowships each summer to individuals in any field or profession who wish to pursue an innovative project or creative idea. For additional information, please contact us.

American Prospect Writing Fellowships

Washington, D.C.

Deadline: Mid-February (see website for this years deadline)

Undergrad/post grad

The American Prospect’s Writing Fellows Program offers young journalists the opportunity to spend two full years at the magazine in Washington, DC, actively developing, practicing and honing their journalistic skills. Each Fellow will write between three and four full-length articles with the expectation that these will be published in the Prospect; the articles are expected to be in-depth reports involving original research and reporting. Fellows will also contribute short pieces to the “Devil in the Details” column, assist with general editorial work and write frequently for the website.

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship with the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Deadline: Check with Sponsor

Undergrad/ post grad

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship has made it possible for Metropolitan Museum of Art to award a limited number of annual conservation fellowships for training in one or more of the following departments of museum:  Arms and Armor, Asian Art Conservation (including sculpture, metalwork, glass, ceramics, furniture, and archaeological objects, Painting Conservation, Paper Conservation, Scientific Research, or Textile Conservation. Shorter term fellowships for seniors scholars are also available.

Art History Fellowships

The Metropolitan Museum of Art- New York, NY

Deadline: November (see website for this years deadline)

Post grad

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers annual resident fellowships in art history to qualified graduate students at the pre-doctoral level as well as to postdoctoral researchers. Projects should relate to the Museum’s collections. The fields of research for art history candidates include Asian art; arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas; antiquities; arms and armor, costumes; drawings, illuminated manuscripts; paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture, textiles, and Western art. Some art history fellowships for travel abroad are also available for students whose projects involve firsthand examination of paintings in major European collections.

Felix Morley Journalism Competition

Institute for Humane Studies

Deadline: December (see website for this years deadline)

In honor of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Felix Morley, IHS will award cash prizes of up to $2,500 to outstanding young writers whose work best demonstrates and communicates an appreciation of classical liberal principles. A distinguished panel of reporters, writers, and editors will judge submissions based on writing ability, potential to succeed in journalism, and an appreciation of liberty.

Fellowships: Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts

Deadline: October

Pre/Post Doctoral – Multiple listings

The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts announces its program for senior fellowships. Fellowships are for full-time research, and scholars are expected to reside in Washington and to participate in the activities of the Center throughout the fellowship period. Lectures, colloquia, and informal discussions complement the fellowship program. Each senior fellow is provided with a study. Senior fellows have access to the notable resources represented by the collections, the library, and photographic archives of the National Gallery of Art, as well as to the Library of Congress and other specialized research libraries and collections in the Washington area.

Samuel H. Kress Foundation Paired Fellowship for Research in Conservation and the History of Art

Predoctoral Fellowship Program

Predoctoral Fellowships for Historians of American Art to Travel Abroad

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship

U.S. Department of Education

Post Grad

Deadline: October and December (see website for this years deadline)

The program provides financial assistance to students who have demonstrated: superior academic ability and achievement; exceptional promise; financial need to undertake graduate study leading to a doctoral degree or a master’s degree in which the master’s degree is the terminal highest degree in the selected field of study. The Department of Education awards fellowships in selected fields of study of the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship

Domestic or abroad locations

Post Grad

Deadline: Early December (see website for this years deadline)

Each Fellowship is for one academic year of study in a program approved by the Committee. The place of study may be in America or abroad, in an approved educational institution, with an approved private teacher, or in independent study.

Art and Design

Applicants for Studio Arts (Drawing, Ceramics, Glass, Installation Arts, Metals, New Genres, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture) and Design (Graphic Design and Industrial Design) should provide no more than 20 examples of their work in one of the following formats: slides (standard 35mm, 2″ × 2″); video tape (VHS or U-matic 3/4″; CD-Rom

or ZIP Disk (Macintosh or Windows format); URL (for electronic work only). Electronic work should be in one of the following: JPEG, PDF, or QUICKTIME. A descriptive list of the work should accompany all submissions.

Art History

Applicants should submit representative writing samples or publications of their work as evidence of the applicant’s proficiency in art history, theory, and criticism.

Art Education

Applicants should submit representative writing samples or publications of their work as evidence of the applicant’s proficiency on the theories of Art Education.

The Lemelson Center Fellows Program

Smithsonian, Washington D. C.

Pre or Post Doctoral

Deadline: Mid-January (see website for this years deadline)

The Lemelson Center Fellows Program supports projects that present creative approaches to the study of invention and innovation in American society. These include, but are not limited to, historical research and documentation projects resulting in publications, exhibitions, educational initiatives, and multimedia products. The fellowship program provides access to the Smithsonian’s vast artifact and archival collections, as well as to the expertise of the Institution’s research staff.

Mother Jones Internships

San Francisco, CA

Undergrad/post grad

Mother Jones Magazine Editorial Internship

Deadline: Early April, August, and December (see website for this years deadline)

Mother Jones editorial interns receive training and hands-on experience in fact checking, research, and reporting, in addition to a first-hand look at the production of an award-winning national magazine. Interns’ primary focus is fact checking articles and doing research for upcoming issues. Over the course of a 4 month internship, interns participate in the production of 2 issues, working closely with the research editor, story editors, and writers to verify everything that goes in the magazine. When the production cycle is over, interns are expected to pitch ideas and write short pieces for the magazine and web site. Applicants should be organized, detail-oriented, and well informed. They should be ready to track down hard-to-find information, juggle several deadlines at once, and be ready to take on a variety of journalistic challenges.

Interns who distinguish themselves in their editorial duties are eligible to become fellows. Promotion to fellow after completion of the 4 month internship is not automatic. The fellowship requires an additional 4 month commitment. In return, fellows receive a $1,380/month stipend (taxed). Fellows have the same duties as interns but also have more freedom to pursue their own story ideas and work on larger projects. Editorial Internship

Deadline: April 1/August 1/December 1

The standard internship involves certain basic duties and expectations. We want to help you to develop your skills as a self-starting and resourceful journalist while you’re here, as well as to give you some practical experience as a member of a team dedicated to maintaining the quality and integrity of the publication as a whole.

The fellowship program was established for interns who prove themselves up to the basic tasks of the internship, and further distinguish themselves with excellent progress and accomplishment in reporting, writing, and general teamwork. Promotion to fellow after completion of the 4-month internship is not automatic. The fellowship requires an additional 4 month commitment. In return, fellows receive a $1,380/month stipend (taxed). Fellows have the same duties as interns but also have more freedom to pursue their own story ideas and work on larger projects.

Foundation For National Progress

Publishing Intern: Foundation for National Progress

Deadline: Rolling deadline for applications

Mother Jones, a project of the non-profit Foundation for National Progress, is looking for independent, self-motivated students or recent grads interested in working a 4 month internship. This is not an editorial internship. You will learn how a non-profit independent media organization operates – fundraising, marketing, promotion, and outreach – through everyday duties and a series of informative discussions and seminars, and will garner valuable work experience that will help you build your career in publishing or the non-profit community. Of the more than 500 people who have interned with Mother Jones, nine out of ten currently work in the media, as a writer of some kind, in academia, or for a non-profit organization. Interns should have a strong interest in the workings of an independent non-profit media enterprise with a specific concentration in at least 1 of these areas: fundraising, marketing & promotion, media relations, activism, and outreach to progressive non-profit organizations.

Interns who distinguish themselves during their 4 month internship are eligible to become fellows (subject to funding availability); application for this promotion requires submission of a fellowship project proposal for review and approval by Mother Jones staff. The fellowship requires an additional 4-8 month commitment. In return, fellows receive a $1,380/month stipend (taxed). Fellows continue their intern duties while also being responsible for design, implementation and completion of a fellowship project.

Multicultural Arts and Culture Program Fellow (Click to email for more information)

San Francisco Foundation

Post grad

Deadline: Mid-February (see website for this years deadline)

Self-directed individual and team player, demonstrated interest in nonprofit service, strong written, communication, analytical skills, computer and word processing skills, including Windows and Microsoft Word, volunteer and/or work experience in one of the Foundation’s specific program areas, and the ability to maintain quality work standards with a high volume of work. A Master’s degree in a relevant area or equivalent research and analysis experience preferred.

Knowledge of visual, performing, media, or literary arts. A background in the arts and nonprofit experience is important. An understanding of the issues facing arts organizations and individual artists is essential.

Newhouse Graduate Fellowship and Apprenticeship in Newspaper Journalism for Minorities

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Post grad

Deadline: Early February (see website for this years deadline)

The Newhouse Graduate Fellowship and Apprenticeship in Newspaper Journalism for Minorities seeks students with outstanding qualifications and the potential to make significant contributions to the field of newspaper journalism. It also seeks to increase the number of minority journalists in the country.

Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship in Creative Writing

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Post grad

Deadline: Mid-January (see website for this years deadline)

Although applicants to the Hogrefe Fellowship may major in any field at Iowa State University, the Fellowship is designed for students interested in creative writing.

Fellowship holders are required to take a minimum of six semester credits in creative writing during the year of the fellowship.

The fellowship is granted for a nine-month academic year and currently carries a stipend of $1,156 per month, subject to the student maintaining satisfactory grades. In addition, the fellowship will provide for payment of university tuition and fees.

Radcliffe Institute Fellowships

Harvard University


Deadline: Various deadlines up to December (see website for this years deadlines)

Radcliffe Institute fellowships are designed to support scholars, scientists, artists, and writers of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishments who wish to pursue work in academic and professional fields and in the creative arts.

Various Fellowships

American Numismatic Society

Post grad

Deadline: Multiple deadlines check website

The American Numismatic Society provides forms of financial aid for study and research. The Frances M. Schwartz Fellowship: Created in 1985 to support work and study of numismatic and museum methodology at the American Numismatic Society. Applicants must have the B.A. or the equivalent; the stipend depends on work done in the museum, but will not exceed $5,000. The Donald Groves Fund: This fund promotes publication in the field of Early American numismatics, meaning material dating no later than 1800. Funding is available for travel and other expenses in connection with research, as well as for publication.

Winterthur Program in Early American Culture Graduate Program

Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and the University, Newark, DE

Post Grad

Deadline: Varying dates according to desired program. (see website for this years deadlines)

The Winterthur Program in Early American Culture is a two-year program leading to a Master of Arts. The Program provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of American decorative arts and material culture. It is based on the assumption that a cultural approach to the American past and its artifacts is the best way to achieve an understanding of the American people.

Women’s Studio Workshop Fellowship

Rosendale, NY

Post Grad

Deadline: Mid-March and Early November (see website for this years deadline)

Studio Fellowships

WSW Fellowship opportunities are designed to provide concentrated work time for artists to explore new ideas in a dynamic and supportive community of women artists. Fellowships are awarded through a jury process. The cost to Fellowship recipients is $200 per week plus materials. The award includes on-site housing and all-hour access to our studios. The facilities feature complete studios in intaglio, silkscreen, hand papermaking, photography, letterpress, and ceramics. Four- to six-week sessions are available each year from September through June. Artists are given a studio orientation, but should be able to work independently. Technical assistance is available for $35/hour. A thorough WSW studio introduction is provided at no charge.

Ceramic Fellowships

WSW offers a limited number of special fellowships to potters who make bowls for the annual WSW Chili Bowl Fiesta. At Chili Bowl Fiesta, one of our local fundraising events, community members choose from over 800 handmade bowls and tumblers filled with piping hot chili or drink.

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