VSU Receives Largest Private Gift from the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation

Congrats! To Virginia State University, a Historical Black University located in Virginia for being awarded the largest private gift from the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation. To view the momentous occasion, please click  http://wms2.mainstreamnetwork.com/vsu-tv . If you are interested in donating gifts to the university, please do not hesitate contacting the Office of Development. The Office of Development […]

At Last, A Small Victory For Arts Funding!

By: The Louisiana Partnership for Arts Advocacy & Louisiana Partnership for the Arts With the close of the session yesterday afternoon, the House passed HB76, an amendment to the budget that appropriates ancillary funds. The LPAA was able to get the following funds reinstated in this bill: 1. $750,000 was added back to Decentralized Arts […]

Wealthy Americans Urged to Give Billions

June 16, 2010 Wealthy Americans Urged to Give Billions to Charitable Causes Enlarge Image By Caroline Preston The country’s three best-known philanthropists — Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett — are embarking on a massive effort to encourage other rich people to give, a move that, if successful, could fundamentally rewrite how the megarich […]

Resources- Individual Artists

Varied Disciplines ASTRAEA NATIONAL LESBIAN ACTION FOUNDATION http://www.astraea.org CREATIVE CAPITAL FOUNDATION http://www.creative-capital.org FOUNDATION FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS http://www.foundationforcontemporaryarts.org THE GREENWALL FOUNDATION http://www.greenwall.org JEROME FOUNDATION http://www.jeromefdn.org JOHN SIMON GUGGENHEIM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION http://www.gf.org LOWER MANHATTAN CULTURAL COUNCIL http://www.lmcc.net LUDWIG VOGELSTEIN FOUNDATION, INC. lvf@earthlink.net M& T CHARITABLE FOUNDATION http://www.mandtbank.com MID-ATLANTIC ARTS FOUNDATION http://www.midatlanticarts.org NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN THE […]

Survival Tips for Social Enterprises

Survival Tips for Social Enterprises Hosted by John Gillespie (June 2010) This is an interesting time for social enterprises. Many have found themselves using temporary relief tactics in an attempt to endure the economic downturn. However to survive as well as thrive in the current climate, social enterprises need to be proactive andcreative when developing sustainable revenue streams […]