Flinn Foundation Names 2010 Scholars

The Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation has announced the names of twenty students selected as 2010 Flinn Scholars.

The full scholarship to attend one of three public universities in the state includes an intensive three-week seminar in Eastern Europe, at least one additional study/travel experience abroad or in the United States, mentorship by a university faculty member, invitations to cultural events and activities, and additional opportunities to participate with university faculty in research programs and professional meetings. The cash value of tuition is provided via a partnership with the universities. The other benefits of the scholarship are valued at $54,000 or more per student.

Chosen from a pool of more than five hundred and fifty applicants, this year’s Flinn Scholars represent fourteen high schools in eleven Arizona cities. To keep his or her scholarship, each student must maintain a cumulative 3.2 grade-point average and participate in campus or community activities.

“These students have been courted by the best universities in the country for at least the past two years, and rightly so,” said Flinn Foundation president and CEO Jack Jewett. “They are intellectually brilliant and curious, dedicated to their communities, and eager to make a difference in the world. Meeting and getting to know these students renews my belief that Arizona can nurture the future leaders our state needs.”

For a complete list of the 2010 Flinn Scholars, visit the program’s Web site.

“As Program Turns 25, Newest Flinn Scholars Choose Arizona Universities.” Flinn Foundation Press Release 5/17/10.

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