This website serves to empower, encourage, support, inform, and even entertain Individuals, Entrepreneurs, the Arts & Cultural Sector, the Nonprofit Sector, and Social Enterprises. Yep, that’s right just about everyone. Now is the time to galvanize and think creatively on how to successfully achieve your goals and objectives through innovative strategies, despite the fact that as a nation we are currently dealing with the economic downturn, political red tape, and insurmountable social ills, but I firmly believe that where there is a will then there is a way, no exceptions. Here is some good news…According to Giving USA, America’s premier charity evaluator, despite political and social challenges facing our nation total charitable giving has hit the record for the second year in a row, at an estimated $373.25 billion.

To that end, the statistics prove that there is funding and opportunities for everyone, every organization, and for every idea or goal you want to reach. It is imperative that we understand that we must pool our resources together through strategic partnerships, proactive collaborations, and sharing information, so that we not only empower ourselves, but each other. We should tap into our natural resources and stray away from relying solely on bailouts, government support, and leaning on one entity or idea for support. We must turn away from mediocrity, a lackadaisical attitude, and “doing what has always been done” because it’s not working, something has to change and it begins with us. Instead of competing against each other (Although, I do believe that healthy competition is okay) we should work together in order to achieve maximum results. There is always strength in numbers.

I hope that you are as committed and passionate in building sustainable communities, strengthening relationships and businesses, making your dreams come true, and enhancing the quality of life through social responsibility, education, advocacy, and sheer determination. Are you ready? I hope so. Let’s get started. Your first step is to explore this blog and EMPOWER YOURSELF!


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